340+ VCs, accelerators, angel networks, conferences, platforms, and communities supporting women innovators and investors

Changelog: Last updated September 6, 2020 (+AIM-HI Accelerator Fund’s Women’s Venture Competition, Capital Access Lab by Kauffman Foundation, Chingona Ventures, Collab Capital, Diversity Rider Initiative by Act One Ventures, Diversity Innovation Hub, Dreamers & Doers, Firstboard.io, For Colored Girls Who Tech, Hadean Ventures, Hello Career Guru, Included VC, Ingressive Capital, Metrodora Ventures, OSEA Angel Investors, PledgeLA Summer Lab Fund, Startup-Investor Matching Tool, The Community Fund, The Venture Collective, Transparent Collective, WLOUNGE, -The Ventura); July 7, 2020 (+ 24 Hour Assembly, Anthemis, Array VC, Beta Boom, Consider Something Better, Eleanor Venture, Female Innovators Lab, FourthWave, Fund the Women Ventures, Her Corner, Launchpad2x, Lightship Capital, Talent x Opportunity Fund, Venture Forward, Women Founders Community, YSYS, Zane Venture Fund); June 1, 2020 (+ Daintree Capital, Financial Alliance for Women, Invest for Better, Nia Impact Capital, NNE WIN, OneTech, Teja Ventures, wiseHer, Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator); May 25, 2020 (+ Bossy Chicago, The Capital Network’s Fellowship for Female Founders, Chooks SA, Code Like a Girl, CoworkHERS, DBL Partners, EllePod, Emerge, FD Global’s ScaleUP Programs, Found & Flourish, Girl Geek Academy, H Ventures, Halo Incubator, Heads Over Heels, Her Capital, How Women Invest, Impulse4women, Mums & Co, Rogue Women, Tech Ready Women Academy, WEConnect International, Wedbush Ventures, WeDemption, Women In Innovation; -SheStarts by Blue Chilli); May 11, 2020 (+ 23 Code Street, Female Founder School, Venturous Counsel, W Fund); May 5, 2020 (+ Camelback Ventures, Diana Capital Partners, Female Founder Collective, Female Ventures, Femstreet Membership, For Colored Girls Who Tech, GUILD Academy, Impact By Women, Impact Engine, Marigold Capital, NY Fashion Tech Lab, Scroobious, Women of…

250+ VCs, accelerators, angel networks, conferences, platforms, and communities supporting women innovators and investors

There is a new version of this list available here.

Last updated February 1, 2019 (out of date)

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I’ve spent over a decade playing an active part in the venture ecosystem as the Vice President of Springboard Enterprises, a global network of women innovators transforming industries. In that time I’ve seen many organizations in this space come and go, but far more have come than gone since my last update to this list in early 2017.

Many entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the years seem to struggle to put together a targeted list of active, relevant potential investors. Sometimes they don’t even have a target list — they’ve been reaching out opportunistically or have fielded inbound interest only — and other times it’s because there simply hasn’t been enough time to do it right.

I wrote this for any entrepreneur who has emailed an investor they thought would be interested, only to get an email back saying “this is not a fit for us.”

I spend a lot of time studying and building relationships with investors our Springboard entrepreneurs might want to meet, so I’ve put together my fair share of investor target lists. …

There is a new version of this list available here.

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The best word to describe what I’ve seen over the last year since I first shared a compilation of the organizations, funds, and networks supporting women-led technology companies is MOMENTUM.

Nearly every week, there seems to be a new fund, a new network of innovative women, a new effort convening smart people to bring the venture world much needed diversity of thought.

Programs & networks to consider before your first investment

Mackenzie Burnett, founder of Redspread, recently compiled a list of women angels and early-stage investors. My goal is to get more names on that list.

It may look like a big group, but according to this report The University of New Hampshire’s Center for Venture Research estimated that women angels represented only 19.4% of the angel market in 2013. This number is on the rise, but I’d like to see this figure grow even more in the next few years, and I am determined to contribute my energy to making it happen.

I wrote this guide for aspiring women angel investors. It is a list of strategies, organizations, and resources culled from countless conversations with investor friends and colleagues I’ve worked with through Springboard over the last eight years. I hope the resources here are helpful for you. …

With suggestions on how to take advantage of investing in this underserved market

Dear Mister VC,

I sometimes joke that my ultimate goal at Springboard is to put myself out of a job. And the same goes for a number of other organizations in the ecosystem supporting women-led companies. If there’s no gender gap, and we #changetheratio, then in theory we’re no longer needed.

But there’s an important role those of us in the “women-led” market still need to play, especially now that the sirens are blaring louder and louder about the gender issues faced by the startup and venture world. …

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There is a new version of this list available here.

This month has given me several opportunities to help me become a better public speaker — on a NYWICI panel in NYC, at SXSW in Austin, and today at the Global Entrepreneurship Conference in Milan at a session called “Moving the Needle in High Growth Women’s Entrepreneurship.”

For me, public speaking is an important skill because I’m an introvert that believes big ideas will spread farther if there is a voice and not just written words. Practice makes perfect.

The honor of being asked to speak is accompanied by an important responsibility. Time is every individual’s most precious commodity, so I always feel great pressure as a speaker to make my words actionable. To provide resources or take-always that allows the audience to leave with something practical. …

And why I’d like to help you join them

TL;DR — I want to help more women investors share their expertise through writing. This post features those who already blog and how to join them.

My personal mission, as the VP @ Springboard Enterprises and beyond, is to promote, inspire, and increase the odds of success of women entrepreneurial leaders.

So when CB Insights put out its Periodic Table of VC Bloggers last month, I was disheartened — but admittedly not surprised — to find just five of the 89 blogs on the table penned by women: Christine Herron, Renee DiResta, Jalak Jobanputra, Joanne Wilson, and Christine Tsai. …

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Great companies working to solve tech’s gender diversity problem and what you can do about it

These thoughts were posted here on Medium in order to facilitate a more open dialogue. I’d be honored for you to use the link to recommend, share, comment, and provide feedback. I’m genuinely interested in hearing from you about it.

The immune system, at a cellular level, is a fascinating dance of cells acting in concert to identify and destroy intruders.

When it functions as it should, often there are small complex proteins called Cytokines that serve as messenger cells by binding to the foreign cells and then recruiting others that can bind to its other end and functionally eradicate the bad guy. …

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Yesterday we were talking with an entrepreneur who was selected for Springboard this year. She has been working over the past six weeks with a team of coaches, as a group and individually, to refine her investor pitch, make connections, and hone strategy.

As it often happens during these check-in calls, she was experiencing what Fred Wilson calls Mentor/Investor Whiplash, where you’re forced to reconcile conflicting advice from smart, respected experts.

It can be difficult to be coached on your investor pitch. No one in the startup world is shy about their opinion, so you’re constantly being advised to add a slide on competition or financials, remove the second slide on data and the slide with your advisors (just move that to the appendix), and spend less time on the product. …


Joshua Henderson

1000% committed to helping women innovators transform industries, cure diseases, and build scalable businesses

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